Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Learn MoDi script online

I have scanned and uploaded some of the tutorial MoDi script lessons to learn and historical letters to practice. For those who wish to use the TTF MoDi script font on your computer, so here is the link to download the free hemadri.ttf font for MoDi script.


Gopal said...

I have a thought It shall be possible to develop aprogram to convert modi into devanagri This can be done by establishing 1 to 1correspondence between modi dahakhadee and devanagari barakhade Computer professionals will be able to do it . e g ma,maa,mi,mee to be transliterated from modi to devanagri
Ince a modi write up is scanned it can be converted to devanagi
Please comment

Jaideep said...

Hello ,
I have just started learning modi and I am doing so on my own through online sources.
This blog has given valuable information.
thanks.. :)

Rajesh Khilari said...

Dear Gopal,

It won't be technically feasible to convert MoDi script into Devanagri.

1. There are 4 prominent and 2 lesser known types of MoDi writing -
(a) आद्य काल
(b) यादव काल
(c) बहमनी काल
(d) शिव काल
(e) पेशवे काल
(f) आंग्ल काल

The आंग्ल कालीन has the worst kind of handwriting and looks ugly while the पेशवे कालीन is the most beautiful and looks like pearls littered on a paper. May be, you would want to consider the "Peshwe kaalin" for the experiment.

2. There is no standardization or a fixed rule on how should a particular alphabet of a letter be written. Some alphabets are known to have as high as 12 variations. while most alphabets have atleast 2-3 ways of writing it. It becomes scary as it could have as many variations of a single alphabet as many Modi script writers exist. In one of the topic in this same blog, I have post 2 pictures. One is Similar looking different alphabets and the other one is different ways of writing for the same alphabet. These are the ones that come across almost everyday.

3. Get a computer to read a scanned copy is very very difficult. That is because of the strokes of the letters and the words that each individual writes differently. Another most important factor is that, while writing in MoDi the alphabets do not respect other letters space and privacy. It is too common and a regular feature to see the alphabets written into one another. This would be bring ultimate limit to the computer.

The above limitations are with respect to the Modi documents of the past. The present MoDi lipi readers and writers follow the rules of Devanagri. Words are independently written. However, certain alphabets or their strokes still invade the space of other alphabets. But is it certain not bad as in the past. This could be made avoidable. But with limitation on the strokes, MoDi would loose its charm. It is more of a calligraphic script. There are already a few snail paced attempts round the global to get a unicode font for MoDi. A true type font with the name "Hemadree" already exists.

badrikedar said...

Thanks ! appreciate the efforts! i got valuable basic info about MODI

Gopal said...

Dear Shri Khilari mthanks for your expert comments. I read about handwriting recognition software developed for Birth and death records of Miraj taluka by aPune company Hence this idea of transliterating handwritten modi documents to Devanagari I am a novice in this ( knows neither Modi and is a PC user)Hoping for this to happen

amol sanap said...

this is very useful for those who want to learn the marathi, thanks for sharing this information.

Soumitra Virkar said...

मोडी ही १३व्या शतकापासून २०व्या शतकाच्या मध्यापर्यंत मराठी भाषेची प्रमुख लेखनपद्धती होती. छपाईस अवघड असल्यामुळे मोडी लिपीचा वापर मागे पडला आणि देवनागरी लिपीचा वापर सार्वत्रिक सुरू झाला. असंख्य मराठी ऐतिहासिक कागदपत्रे मोडी लिपीत असून ऐतिहासिक संशोधनाकरिता मोडी जाणकारांची कमतरता भासते. यासाठीच "मराठी हितवर्धिनी सभा" लवकरच घेऊन येत आहे "मोडी लिपी कार्यशाळा". याचा संपूर्ण तपशील लवकरच आपल्यापर्यंत पोचविण्यात येईल.


Unknown said...

hello sir
the link you have provided doesn't seem to be working.
i am looking for Modi font that can work with MS Word 2007 since i wanna practice the same
is there a way i can get that?

Gulabkumar Rathod said...

yethe dilelya modi scrip madhe varti s aivji sh dile aahe krupaya durust karave khillari sir aapan jo praytn karat aahat ha nakiich khup mahatvacha aahe yatun aapan ek nava itihas baher nakkich kadhu shakto2124

Satyajeet Gondkar said...

I`m learning Modi script manual and also on Computer with 'Hemadri' Font.
But I`m facing problem for Joint Word (JodShabda). Please provide supportive Keyboard for Hemadri Font or any other similar , as keyboard layout available to Shivaji and Shree lipi for Devnagari-English.
It will be easier way to learn and spread Modi Scripted document. Same will help to learn/ read Computerized document.
Please Reply

Satyajeet Gondkar

Eds said...

Hi, I am interested in knowing more about the MoDi script. Could you contact me on 9702883029. Thanks

Mayuresh Shinde said...

Very nice and helpful!!! please provide any modi lipi document and its devnagari translation.
also you can distinguish how these four versions are differ with each other.very nice blog keep it up

Mayur Bangar said...

Thanks Sir for this blog. I have gained a good knowledge of writing Modi script here. However, I feel difficulty in reading the documents. I want to specialise further in Modi script writing, so as to preserve the heritage of Marathi.
Can we start a petition to ask the Maharashtra government to start teaching Modi script in State Board schools (at least basic reading and writing knowledge, may be 2-3 chapters in each year after 5th class).

vijay kavithia said...

hi can you please write indraneel in modi lipi

Kedar Joshi said...

i interrested lerning madi 9860625797